Stay Close

It is discouraging when churches become involved in social activism (a campaign to bring about political or social change). Is this really the calling of a church? And as a church takes on social issues, people will fall away at a time when churches cannot afford to lose members. If this has not occurred at... Continue Reading →

It is Time – Final Writing

These words are not written to draw fear into you; they are written to allow you to let go of your fear. Jesus said faith comes from understanding. Through understanding, our fear will subside, we will be at peace, and only then can a full trust in the Lord come forth. These words are being... Continue Reading →

Truth’s Pathway

I have not posted an article in a long time as I have been struggling. Two articles that were written have created a log jam for me. They are good, they are truthful, but the truth hurts. And so for me it was easier to say nothing, and so I have done nothing over the... Continue Reading →

It is well with my soul

Over the years I have struggled with my belief in Christ. I don’t regret the struggle because it has allowed me to more deeply understand the core of my belief. In the same way a teacher challenges a student to learn, we are to take the challenges of this world and turn them over to... Continue Reading →

Christ has Risen

This day we remember Jesus rising from the dead; He conquered sin! Today we celebrate Easter, Christ has Risen! I am thankful for this day for it gives us the comfort of knowing that we too will experience the joy of conquering sin and rising to be with the Father. I look forward to this... Continue Reading →

A Conversation with God

God, why is life so difficult? Life is difficult, but it can be made easier if you learn to lean on me. I am here. Someday the tears will be wiped away, but for now, learn to lean on me. When you lean on me, it means you trust me and you have faith in... Continue Reading →

The Spirit

Have you ever said, "The picture doesn't do it justice." A picture of the Grand Canyon in the United States, for example, does not come close to the experience of standing on the edge and looking out over the expanse. So how much more difficult is it for us to know of God's Kingdom through... Continue Reading →

Living for Christ

Purpose (Part II of II) This is my personal story that I wrote many years ago, and I share it now as a follow-up to the article, "Our Purpose in Life."  This is a story of how God opened my eyes to what it truly means to have purpose in our lives through service to... Continue Reading →

Faith Through Understanding

Committing Ourselves to God Committing ourselves to God in a world where so many seem to be giving up on Him is difficult at best. We look around and question ourselves wondering if we are on the wrong side of the fence. We see friends, family members, and acquaintances that don't spend time reflecting on... Continue Reading →

Remaining Strong in Faith

How to repair a faith that has become discouraged. As I was driving to Bible Study one evening, I asked myself the following question: When is my faith in God most likely to be challenged? What I discovered is that my faith is challenged most often when I see Christians who are sinful, such as hearing... Continue Reading →

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