Trust in God

A short poem about trusting in God

One who struggles with a teacher
Soon becomes more wise.
A fool without a teacher
Only their knowledge they rely.

With God as our teacher
He counsels us on our way.
But one who struggles with the world
Soon withers and falls away.

Slaves of Egypt cried out for help.
Their God heard their cries for help.
So God sent a message to the pharaoh,
“Let my children be!”

The pharaoh rejected God’s command,
So God sent ten plagues upon the land.
After suffering from God’s mighty hand,
The pharaoh followed God’s command.

God led His people on their way.
They were happy, they were free!
But at the first sign of a struggle,
They soon found themselves in trouble.

Better they had blind trust in God,
For a straight path they would be on.
But their eyes focused on their struggle,
So a circle was the path they were on.

Each step became their comfort.
They wandered for forty years.
Prideful of their own abilities,
On a journey full of tears.

God provided manna in the wild.
Once again calling for them to follow.
But their pride turned them way,
So they soon withered and fell away.

One only needs a teacher
To help us on our way.
Only a fool attempts a journey,
A journey that has no way.

So turn to God and trust in Him.
He leads us on our way.
A place of milk and honey,
This is our final place to stay.


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