In the beginning…

The Creation of the Universe

April 28, 2018

My wife, Jean, said the other day that she just believes in God. And many of us are the same way, we just simply believe in Jesus Christ. However, this very statement brings a question to the forefront. Jesus calls us to trust in Him completely. We are called to just believe in Him so our soul is at ease. So, if we believe in Jesus Christ, then why do we need to go any further into scripture, or read the Bible, or go to church, or listen to sermons? If we already believe in Christ, then why do we bother to continue to learn about Him? Shouldn’t we just be content living in our little world knowing and believing in Christ?

To address these questions, we need to start by understanding our basic motivation for learning about Christ. If our motivation is merely to justify our belief, then yes, it would make sense to stop learning about Christ once we believe in Him. But, we’re not supposed to only learn about Christ to justify our belief. Christ calls believers to move forward and to be engaged. In fact, it’s our belief in Christ that we draw strength to develop a solid will power to continue proclaiming Christ to the world. We are not to receive the light and keep the light covered; Christ calls us to take the light out into the world.

“No one, when he has lit a lamp, puts it in a secret place or under a basket, but on a lampstand, that those who come in may see the light.
–Luke 11:33

Also, learning about Christ is to be enjoyable. Consider why we enjoy listening to a favorite song of ours. We listen to the song for the simple enjoyment of hearing a song about something we already believe in. We enjoy the experience, the music, the artist’s voice, the words, the sound of the instruments. And so it is to be the same with reading and discussing scripture; it is to be like a song to our ears. We are to hear the word of God for the enjoyment of hearing more about Christ, the one we Love. And just like a song we enjoy listening to, we seek out others to enjoy listening to the song with us; just as Christ calls us to do regarding Him. We passionately seek out others to share the teachings of Jesus Christ. Yes, sometimes doubt enters our mind and we begin to lose our Trust in Jesus Christ and who He claims to be. So, sometimes we listen, we grasp, and we seek to justify our belief, and this is fine. How much do we believe in Christ? Only each of us can answer this question for ourselves. But at some point, we should just sit back and enjoy the process of learning about Christ and sharing the experience with others around us.

For me personally, my belief affords me the enjoyment of writing about and sharing my experiences of God with others. This becomes my expression of service to our Lord, like a person who compiles a song. So hear the words of God, and believe what is written, and make it a song to your ears.

With that said, the real topic of this article is something God showed me as it relates to a very deep question we humans have regarding the creation of the universe. Even for me, my mind is full of what God shows me and it almost makes my mind shutdown. I can’t grasp it all, but I try my best to convey what I see and place it into words.

Now, a great discussion has plagued mankind regarding the beginning of the universe. How did the universe begin? If we were to spend only a little bit of our time researching on the internet, we will see that this is a great question that is widely discussed. The question is: How was the universe created out of nothing? If we walked into a room, an empty room, what are the capabilities of us being able to build something wonderful out of nothing? This same question is discussed at great length among us humans. If there is no God, then how did the universe begin if it had nothing to start with? Science struggles with answering this question. Christians use this situation as a means to justify the existence of God. In other words, it is surmised that only a God could have started the creation of the universe because science cannot generate conclusive evidence on how out of “nothing” our universe was created.

But, what if from nothing, one could create something. In our world, we have opposites. The opposite of the number one, is negative one. The opposite of the color black is the color white, the opposite of negative is positive. Now, this may sound a bit trivial, but if we were to add -10 and +10 together, the result is zero; nothing. We tend to think opposites cancel each other out, and rightfully so, for this is true. Now, if we were to read the beginning part of Genesis 1we would notice that God speaks about opposites, such as darkness and light, day and night, evening and morning, the opposite of winter is summer, and the opposite of spring is fall (the seasons), and so on. Yes, we can read what is written in Genesis 1 literally, but, as I have written about in the past, God’s messages are multidimensional. So, we also have to take into consideration one of the deep secrets of Genesis 1 is that God is revealing the process by which He creates is through opposing forces (opposites).

Now take two powerful trucks of equal power, and tie them to a post that is suspended in the air, and have each truck pull in opposite direction of each other. What will happen? Nothing will happen. The two trucks, of equal strength, pulling in opposite directions, will accomplish nothing because the forces are opposing each other. Now get two more trucks and add them to the post, with the new trucks pulling in opposite directions. Again, what will happen? Nothing, more energy exerted into the post, but still nothing will occur. Now consider something more powerful than trucks, all of which are pulling from all different angles from all conceivable directions. Still nothing will happen. Nothing will happen until all this energy is allowed to be released. When the post gives way, a great expanse will occur and all this energy pulling in opposite directions will move outward; the creation of the universe. Science explains the creation of the universe as the Big Bang theory, an explosion. However, Genesis is not really about an explosion because an explosion causes energy to move outward, but God did not create the universe in this way. The energy already existed and it was pulling outward prior to the beginning of the universe, and only when God finally let loose His energy did the great expanse of the universe begin. “He is before all things, and in him all things hold together.” -Colossians 1:17. In this verse, it states that before all things (beginning of universe) God held it all together (the “post” in my previous analogy). Now God refers to this instant when He released all this energy, “Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light.”, Genesis 1:3. The light being the first opposing force of darkness. So out of nothingness, the universe was born through the energy of God being released. Going back to my simple math questions of adding -10 to +10, yes, we are left with nothing, but that is not the way it works. In this instance -10 and +10, with the numbers representing a slice of God’s creative power, they started off opposing each other, but with the release of God, these opposing forces continue to exist, except they are not opposing each other, instead, they perfectly compliment each other as the universe expands. Their purpose is to offer harmony and balance in the universe; we call this Creation.

And how is it that through opposing forces God creates? Let’s take a look at a simple process of two colors. If we were sent into a room with a single color, for example, black (darkness), how many new colors would we be able to create? None, no new colors. However, if we were sent into a room with two colors, black (darkness), and white (light), from there we are now able to create an infinite amount of new colors utilizing these two opposing forces. By mixing a little bit of white, with the black, we’d have a shade of gray. Add a little bit more of the white, and we’d have a new color, and so on through an infinite amount of colors; we refer to this as Grayscale. Now, think of the vastness of creation if we were to have two additional opposing forces, or ten different opposing forces, or millions, or billions. God, our wonderful God, through opposing forces creates an infinite amount of infinite’s to create our universe. The universe started off with opposing forces, and we humans, with our physical mind, are unable to conceive the vastness of what God has created; our minds are finite, His creation is infinite.

Now if we spend some time researching the Big Bang theory, what we would discover is the Big Bang theory concludes that an explosive force caused energy to move out to create the universe and, immediately, or soon after, light was created. How is it that Genesis 1 written thousands of years ago seems to be so accurate, especially considering science is now subscribing to the same concept. The Bible has truth to it beyond human capabilities of the time. How can we not deduce that the writer of Genesis had some other source for their information; specifically through the inspiration of God, the one who created the universe.

I submit these to you, Body of Christ, for your discernment and encouragement. You are to believe and go out with confidence that Jesus Christ lives. As God created the universe with light expanding in all directions, you are also called to be the light, to go out in all directions proclaiming to the world that Jesus Christ is alive.

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  1. The world was void and without form. If you look up those words it says that they were not created that way they became that way. I believe that was the fall of satan that caused it to become void and without form. Genesis does not tell us when satan was created. He shows up in the garden to tempt Eve. Why was it Eve he tempted? What happened in that one sin that would cause death to God’s man creation. I know it was sin but all sin had consequences. This one sin caused death to all humanity that was created to live forever. So what was in that one sin that altered mankind? Why was God always telling His children not to associate with certain mankind.? Why was it important for Issac’s wife to come from Abraham’s own people? Why was it important that Jesus be of the lineage of David? Why when Genesis is giving the lineage of Adam, Cain is not in it? Why does it talk about a remnant always down through the history all the way to the end? I read a lot and my mind always questions certain things. I believe God has told us but we have to open our minds to His word to understand what has taken place.

  2. After Adam fell, the Bible talks about “the sons of God, fallen angels looked at human women and wanted to have sex with them”. That union produced Giants, a corrupt race that would taint the human line. So God sent the flood to destroy this evil line. Our old sin nature is passed down through the male genome. That’s why Mary, Jesus’s mother had to be a virgin and was impregnated by the Holy Spirit. Jesus did not inherit Adam’s old sin nature. He was “the one pure Son of God fit to be the perfect sacrificial lamb of God.rter

  3. I too believe the sin in the garden was a sexual one and angels did indeed cohabit with human women to create the nephalim. Satan began his plan to destroy Gods potential family early on..

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