Our Story

The Bible is the beginning of the Book of Life.

For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.
–Hebrews 4:12

As human DNA traverses from one generation to another, the Bible traverses through the generations of mankind. The Bible has survived thousands of years, it has remained relevant, it is never changing yet ever changing, it adapts over time, and its path always leads back to its originator, our faithful God. We know these things to be true, so therefore, we should know with confidence that the Bible is truly living and powerful.

In Hebrews 4:12 above, it is very succinct with defining the word of God (the Bible). However, we tend see the Bible as only a book of words like other books written by humans. But Hebrews 4:12 clearly shows the Bible is more than a book of words; the Bible is one of the most precious gifts given to us by God. If God were to create a star with our name on it and present it to us for placement in the galaxy, we would be awestruck, we would be humbled, and then we’d bend at our knees in prayer. But the Father hasn’t given anybody a star, instead, He has given each of us something much greater; He has given us His words.

We tend to use our human intelligence as a means to gain depth to God’s words, just like we do with books written by humans. However, the depth of what God communicates in His words is well beyond what our intellect is able to absorb. By only relying on our intellect, the best we can obtain is a microscopic foothold to the beginning of what God is revealing to us. Further, if God intended for us to use only our intellect to discern His words, then those who do not meet a particular human intellectual standard would be unable to understand what is written. But through the grace of God, we know God meant the Bible to be for everyone, so, therefore, human intellect is not the key to discerning the words of God.

Unlike the Bible, human books do require an intellectual standard and these books provide a predictable outcome. My son studied exercise physiology. He read many books and studied how the various muscles in the body operate and how they interact. My nephew studied engineering and he read many books on solving complex engineering issues using mathematics. And yet another person specializes in music. Those who read the same book are, for the most part, going to learn the same thing. A person who reads a book on physics will learn formulas and how to solve complex problems using mathematics. Another person reading the same physics book will come to the same understanding. It doesn’t make sense that one person, say reading a book on exercise physiology, would come up with a different understanding of muscles, and another person reading the same book would derive another form of understanding.

However, when one person reads a Bible passage, their understanding is different than someone else’s understanding. Two people who read the same Bible passage usually garner a slightly different understanding, yet both can be correct within the context of the message. A familiar passage in the Bible is the “Parable of the Prodigal Son”. I’ve heard this Bible story preached on several times by different preachers, however, not one sermon on this passage drew the exact same conclusion, yet all were well within the understanding of God.

In summary, we know two things: 1) The Bible is not just an intellectual book, and 2) When we read the Bible, each of us draw out a slightly different understanding of what we read. This is not by accident, this is by design.


Let’s recap the above two concepts, but from a slightly different angle. Do you recall the day when you first were taught how to draw a number line? We started our number line by drawing a line on a piece of paper going from the left side of the paper to the right side of the paper, and in the middle of the line we drew the number zero. To the left of zero we placed the negative numbers, and to the right of zero we placed the positive numbers. So on this paper we drew as many numbers as we could fit on the paper, say a number line containing negative 10 to positive 10. But that was the absolute limit of our abilities to represent numbers on a piece of paper. We simply did not have enough capacity on our piece of paper to contain all the numbers. We could not draw a line to the left of zero long enough because there are infinite negative numbers. And we were not able to draw a line to the right of zero long enough because there are infinite positive numbers. We also were taught that there are fractional numbers that exists in between each number, for example, 5.99832, 5.99833, 5.99834, and so on. So these fractional numbers, which are infinite as well, can never be drawn on our number line. So to represent all the numbers that exist, we ended up drawing a highly abstract piece of art called a “Number Line”.

In the same way a number line is a piece of art which represents infinite numbers, the Bible is a creation in the form of words which represents God’s infinite messages. And as a human intellect is unable to comprehend all the numbers that are represented by a number line, our human intellect is unable to comprehend all of God’s messages contained in the Bible. The Bible is not a finite book of words with finite messages, because if we see it as finite, then we’re simply limiting ourselves to a number range going from negative 10 to positive 10.

When God gave us His words, He gave us a creation that is specifically designed for each of us to quench the thirst of our individual soul! The same book given to all, but a unique story for each of us to draw out through the spirit. Our understanding is to be the work of the spirit. Fair enough, but why do two people who read the same Bible passage garner a slightly different understanding? Is the spirit inconsistent? Of course not!


Consider how a prism works. A prism receives a single light source that produces many different vibrant colors. And just as a prism works, the word of God streams into each of our unique souls that produces various understandings of the Word. And just as God did not create the same person; so therefore, our understanding will be different from others. Each of us have our unique understanding of God’s words which becomes our proclamation of who God is. God had each of us in mind when He gave us His words, and He wants each of us to personify Him through our unique understanding. This process is testament to a great plan set in motion by our almighty God. And why is the Bible not an intellectual book? Because our brain is physical and what it knows will die, but our spirit will live forever.

Now, please know, I do not support those who read the Bible to justify harm, or to twist the consistency of God words to support ungodly ideas; this becomes the work of the devil. This article is referencing those who are true servants of God who rely on the spirit to discern the word of God. And conversely, I am personally saddened how Christians argue with one another in a way the shows intellectual pride. Discussions as if the Bible is an intellectual book. But this is the corruption that comes from the one who battles Christ, brother against brother and sister against sister, and so, the words become one of the weapons that evil uses to thwart God’s words. Do not fall into this trap; be kind towards one another for the words of God are meant for all.

And lastly, and most importantly, there is discussion of what the Book of Life is with many questions surrounding the concept. The Book of Life starts off with all names, some stay, some are blotted out. The Book of Life here on earth is the Bible. All people, regardless of faith standing, are presented with this Book of Life designed for the individual soul; so therefore, all are part of the Book of Life. But the Book of Life here on earth makes a transformation to the heavens. As each of us draw out our own unique understanding of the Word, our faith grows, and these individual stories are joined together in the heavens to become the spiritual Book of Life. The spiritual Book of Life has a complete set of names of those who are granted life. Each of us solidify our entry in the spiritual Book of Life as we lean on the spirit to discern the Bible. We all sign the heavenly Book of Life through our personal proclamation of the Bible.

We are to resist the temptations of the world which corrupts us and leads us to believe that human intellect is the key to discerning the word of God. For those who only rely on their own abilities, instead of the spirit, will only see words to mock and persecute, just as our Lord Jesus Christ was mocked and persecuted. Instead, claim your inheritance in the heavens by trusting God and knowing with unyielding confidence that His words are truly living and powerful.

In absolute service to God, I share this with you as a brother in Christ. Go out into the world and proclaim the word of God.

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