Living for Christ

Purpose (Part II of II)

This is my personal story that I wrote many years ago, and I share it now as a follow-up to the article, “Our Purpose in Life.”  This is a story of how God opened my eyes to what it truly means to have purpose in our lives through service to God.

Many things have run through my mind. They seem to be pieces of thoughts all running around inside my head asking hundreds of questions of God at one time. I finally began to see some of the answers, not all, but many answers seem to fall out of the sky and onto my lap as if God said, “You’ve struggled enough, just look, turn around and see where you’ve been and why you are being asked to do this for me.”

This is not only a story of how God answered my questions, but it is also a story of how God allowed me to experience the answers. God has allowed me to experience what it means to glorify Him, what it means to have Him work through us, and what it means to live every day of our life for Christ.

Many years ago I did not understand why God started to work through me, and I especially did not understand why He was sending me in the direction that I was heading. The task He was sending me on was the furthest thing in my mind, and besides, I never asked for the challenge. I did request something from God though; I asked for and He gave me the gift of time. I am not saying God created time for me, but instead, God sheltered me from the world enough so that I would have time to dedicate to Him. And as I tried to divert my attention to other matters, other than what He wanted, God gently closed those doors as if He was guiding me, “No, not that way…this way…I will show you the way.”

After a long struggle, I finally realized that God calls each of us to His service, not in our way, but His way. I also realized that sometimes it is through our weakness that He is glorified. I’ve always wanted to play the violin for God. Every time I listen to someone play a musical instrument for God, I hear the sound of angels singing in unison. I do not hear the notes, I hear the song. I’ve heard the angels singing and I’ve asked God out of envy, “Why won’t you allow me to play the violin like that for you?” But I realized a long time ago that I will never play. I tried and I failed. But, as it turns out, He had a plan that was different from mine. God opened my eyes and He made me realize that I was not to play the violin, but instead, I am to listen. I am to listen because without me, you, and others present to hear His music, then His music would have no purpose. As listeners, we give purpose to God’s music, and we are to be humbled knowing God sees us in this way. God provides the gift of music, He packages it through others, and it is presented to each of us as a gift. We are to accept the gift of music in a new way, to accept it by receiving it as a listener, appreciating it, and absorbing it into the essence of our souls. And it is through this type of interaction between us and God that He is glorified, and it is through His glorification that we cause the angels of heaven to sing, “Alleluia, Holy, holy, holy is the Lord God Almighty.”

But since I was not to play the violin, then what was I to do? I began to realize that I was developing a passion to write about God. Taking what I see and placing it into words. Writing has never been my strong point. Spelling errors, grammar errors, and a harsh tone were the norm with my writing. However, God works through others to teach me how to write better and more compassionately. It is through others, those who are also called in their way, that I am molded into something more wonderful than what I could have ever imagined. I never expected writing for God would become my violin, my way of proclaiming the glory of God. And so instead of playing the violin, I write for Him. My writing is my violin and I will play it for Him as long as He desires.

But there is more to this story. There will be a time for me to play a violin, and the time will arrive when my wife, Jean, and I are together with His son, Christ. When I pass away, Christ will greet me, open a case and out will come a great treasure; a violin the likes of which has never been seen. He will offer it to me as a gift and I will accept it. I will place the violin in my hand and on my shoulder and I will play it with passion. The music which will flow from it will be like no other sound that has ever been heard. I will play my violin with the love of God in my heart and present it to Jean as a gift; Jean will become my listener and she will give purpose to my music.

And it is through these types of experiences of interacting with God, as well as the promise that God makes to each of us, that we are to find purpose in living every day of our lives for Christ.

Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal; but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

–Matthew 6:19-21

Stop, set your mind at ease, quiet yourself and listen to God. God works through all of us in different ways, maybe not the way we would like, but He does work through us.

If it is to learn about God, study. If it is to sing for Him, sing. If it is to teach about Him, teach. If it is to write about Him, write. If it is to help others, go on a mission trip. If it is to pray for a lost soul, pray for the soul. If it is to help the missionary, provide them resources. If it is to help a struggling family, help them overcome. If you see injustice, be the peacemaker. If you see a lost child, provide guidance. If it is to feed the hungry, offer them food. If it is to help the homeless, open your home. If it is to visit the elderly who are lonely, offer your company.

There are many ways we are called to be part of the Body of Christ. We just need to stop, listen, and answer the call through our passion for Christ.

We all have a purpose! We all are a gift, a great gift that God has created. We are to proclaim the glory of God by claiming our purpose in God’s timeless plan. We all have been given a gift one that He cultivates in this place for His glory.

And finally, I invite you to listen to the angels sing in unison. This is one of my favorite songs: Angus Dei

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