The Spirit

Have you ever said, “The picture doesn’t do it justice.” A picture of the Grand Canyon in the United States, for example, does not come close to the experience of standing on the edge and looking out over the expanse. So how much more difficult is it for us to know of God’s Kingdom through human words? It cannot be done. Jesus did the same; He used human words. But our sinfulness takes the words, and because they are human words, they are corruptible, so therefore, we corrupt the words, we degrade the words, we ridicule the word, and we throw the word to the side. So one will say, “God show me”, but our vision also becomes corruptible because the vision is a human part, so therefore, we will corrupt what we see and say, “It is a trick of the eyes.” So then we will say, “Let me hear your words!”, but that too soon becomes corruptible. We are prideful yet incapable to even believe what our ears have let us hear, and our eyes have let us see. Yet we scream at God and say, “prove yourself to me!” How does a God communicate to a creature that corrupts their own senses? How does a God, our God, call to His people who are incapable of receiving His messages through the flesh?

So God sent His son, and yet even He was thrashed and thrown to the side. So God provides us the spirit, an incorruptible part; we are to rely on the spirit, the one who represents Christ as was in the days He walked on Earth. But many do not have the spirit, they rely on their frail human ways. The person who relies only on ones own flesh will lash out when challenged by the incorruptible, for they know they have lost a battle that cannot be won. Evil knows it cannot win the battle against the light, for the light only needs to enter the soul to make the darkness go away. This is why Evil has become so hateful, for it’s goal is to corrupt the body, but it cannot corrupt the spirit; for the body is corruptible while the spirit is not. Rely on the spirit only, not your own eyes and ears. Close your eyes, cover your ears for the spirit does not need these for the spirit exists in the soul, the part of you that will go on in the company of God.

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