A Conversation with God

God, why is life so difficult?

Life is difficult, but it can be made easier if you learn to lean on me. I am here. Someday the tears will be wiped away, but for now, learn to lean on me. When you lean on me, it means you trust me and you have faith in me.

But God, why can’t you just make it all happen so that I do not need to struggle?

The day you hope for will come to pass. But in the place you are now, if I did as you ask, then you would have no need for me. Why would you love me if you did not need me? I created you out of love because I need you, you are my child, but love must go in both directions. A love that goes in one direction is empty. I understand you are struggling in a world filled with sin. But because you still include me as part of your life, this is a sign of the love you have for me. Be patient, your pain and suffering soon will be over, but for now continue to love me.

How can I believe in you if I cannot see you?

How can you believe in the air you breath, if you do not first take a breath? Must you see air for you to know that it provides life? I provide life to you. Why must you see me? I am here, not in front of your eyes, but I am all around you, inside of you, and with you every moment of your life.

It would be comforting to me to have a sign you exist.

I do give signs, but many times they go unnoticed. My signs are written off as coincidences, flukes of nature, or unexplainable events. But the most precious sign that I exist is that you exist. You are a wonderful gift. You are unique and you are made for purpose. I also created the mountains, flowers, fish of the sea, sun, stars, and the moon of the night. So when you want to know I exist, look no further than my creations.

You’ve taken someone away from me that I love, how can I believe in you anymore?

If you know me, you know that love transcends time and space. Love the person, and they will feel your love. I am sorry that they are no longer with you, but know this, they are not far away, they are not beyond your ability to continue loving them. Someday you will be together again with the person you love and it will all make sense, and all that matters for now is the love you have for each other. The pain you are suffering now will be as if it never happened.

With every step I take in my faith journey it seems like a lead ball is around my foot; I am not sure I can hang on much longer.

I know how difficult it is. My Son experienced this as well. He too cried out for me as He bore the cross. But He was not given a cross that crushed Him, and neither shall the cross you bear crush you. Your cross will define you and take you to your limits, but hang on because the journey will be worth it. If you need to stop, stop, take a breath, and rejuvenate yourself. My Son did the same. He was overwhelmed, fell, rose again, fell again, and stood up. He was so overwhelmed that He needed help from someone else to continue His journey. But always remember to get back on the path which leads to me so that you too will conquer death.

I try to be good, but I fail and so I might as well give up.

Stop trying to be good. I’ve never expected you to try to be perfect. All I ask is for you to love me enough that your actions will define your love of me. Once you love me with all your heart, soul, and strength, then your actions will be natural, not a struggle. Yes, you are a sinner, you will fail, and I know that, but my Son has conquered the penalty of sin. He’s already bore your sin. Just love me, and the love you have in me will be reflected in your actions.

I feel like I am just going through the motions. I try to seek the purpose in my life that you would have me do, but I don’t seem to get it.

My purpose is for you to love me. Do as your heart calls you to do, to serve me. Serve me through your actions. Start somewhere, even something as small as offering an encouraging word to someone in despair. Do it not for yourself, but when you do these things, do it to glorify me so that others will know that I exist in you. Do not compare yourself to others because my love of you is immeasurable and all who love me have a place in my home.

Pray this prayer

Dear Father God,

I struggle each day, and each day I am tempted to just give up on you. My discouragement makes me feel as if I am a failure in your eyes. I look at the sin in the world and I begin to feel as a lone ship on a sea of despair and I begin to wonder if you are around or if you even care. I will do as you ask though, I will begin to look towards you. I will learn to lean on you more and more each day, and I will give thanks to you for your creations. I know once I look towards you, I will find the encouragement that I need to make each step. By doing these things out of love for you, I know that I have a place in your kingdom.

In Jesus’ name I pray.

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