Christ has Risen

This day we remember Jesus rising from the dead; He conquered sin! Today we celebrate Easter, Christ has Risen! I am thankful for this day for it gives us the comfort of knowing that we too will experience the joy of conquering sin and rising to be with the Father. I look forward to this day, shedding this place of sin and going to our Father’s home with Jesus.

But Jesus work is not done. His sacrifice on the cross and rising is just beginning part. Jesus is like a ship that is sent into a terrible storm in the middle of the night to rescue precious cargo. He left the place of safety to enter into a raging storm and He headed straight for you, He found you, He reached out His hand, and grabbed your arm and brought you on board. He is able to do this because He conquered the storm; but His mission is not over.

Today, each of us, rescued by Christ, are still on that ship, some days calm, other days raining, and other days the sea is trying to swallow up that ship, but that ship cannot and will not give way to the storm. Why? Because the precious cargo it holds is your soul and Jesus, the master of the sea, knows what He is doing.

Jesus’ work is not done, not until every soul He set out to find is safely at its place of refuge, the Father’s House. All Jesus desires from each of us is for us to hold on, to allow Him to shelter us and encourage us. And how do we hold on? Through our faith in Jesus Christ; knowing that He conquered sin.

To my sisters and brothers throughout the world, hold on and do not give in to the temptations of fear and despair that you may be suffering. Jesus mission is not over. Have faith just a little while longer.

Jesus has you, you are safe.

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