Truth’s Pathway

I have not posted an article in a long time as I have been struggling. Two articles that were written have created a log jam for me. They are good, they are truthful, but the truth hurts. And so for me it was easier to say nothing, and so I have done nothing over the last several months, but doing nothing can only last for so long because God pulls at strings that lead to our hearts, and so we eventually have no choice but to finally stand up and move on; His Love overpowers us.

Truth always comes to the forefront regardless of the path. The only hindrance to truth are the ears that receive it.

A good friend of mine, a brother in Christ, has unwittingly challenged me. He told me a story of a man that replicated Noah’s Ark. One question is, “How did all those animals fit onto the Ark?” Mathematically speaking there was not enough room. So the man who built the Ark claimed that God only brought species of animals onto the Ark. I will assume that once the animals left the Ark, they diversified over a long period of time to create the variety of animals that we have today. Further, when the builder of this Ark was challenged to justify his claim that God only placed species of animals inside the Ark, the man responded by saying that he “just knows.”

So is this man a nut for claiming he just knows? I have sympathy for this person. He completed something that he felt God instructed, and he just knows something he cannot explain how he knows.

So allow me to share a true personal story with you that is well documented. Several years ago at my place of worship I saw something, a building defect, a serious defect to the point I just knew it was going to lead to a disaster. But others did not see it. In fact, nobody else saw it including an engineering firm so my concern was dismissed; I was even labeled and mildly mocked. I am not a building engineer, so how was able to know? Over a few years of questioning my own sanity and experiencing anxiety, I gave up. In fact, I gave up a few times trying to convince others to see what I knew was true. However God showed me something else that made me 100% determined to not give up; I just knew what was going to happen. Fortunately our church leadership decided to pay two separate engineering firms to inspect the building; finally we were going to have resolution one way or the other. Both engineering firms confirmed my fear, a serious defect in the building structure. So how did I know? Because God showed me.

Now getting back to the gentleman who built a replica of Noah’s Ark and his claim that he “just knows”. Is he a nut? I lean towards saying, no. Maybe God did just as the man described; God only used species and that is how all the animals fit inside the Ark.

And what about Noah himself? Was he a nut for building a silly ship on a hill in the middle of dry terrain? Noah spent years and years and years building while being persecuted as a nut. Which person would we be if we were Noah’s neighbor? Would we be the one who offered the nut nails to help him build his boat, or would we be one of many to mock the builder?

For me, I closely associate myself to the Apostle Paul. Why? Because I write, and what I write is foreign to many, including myself. We accept Paul of the Bible, but would we accept Paul if he lived in our lifetime? We do not accept anybody in our lifetime who may be the Paul. So for me, I say to myself, “Am I a nut?” I am overly self critical of myself and what I do. God could not have picked a worse person for the job. Where does this stuff I write come from? I know it is not me, I know that, but try and convince others of the same, and it’s difficult at best. So I just write. But inside of me I scream out, “LISTEN!”

Jesus was told not to preach in His hometown. Why? Because people knew Him at a personal level. Why is it so difficult for us to consider believing a familiar person who speaks the unfamiliar?

The Book of Revelation contained in the Bible was transcribed by a person named John (not the same person as John the Disciple). If this same John were to be walking around today proclaiming the words of Revelation, he’d be a nut. But yet preachers preach about what this John wrote; assuming the preacher has the courage to preach about judgement.

Now I am absolutely critical of my writing. My biggest fear is demeaning who God is by allowing my own human endeavors to intervene into what I write. Only when I am “at peace” with what I write do I send it out. Because God says, “It is time”, then I know, then I am comforted in knowing that my writing is not from me, but from Him.

This is my struggle, but how can you know what is the truth? At the very least, you are to consider that you are being told the truth. Does it make sense to reject the truth based on how it is delivered? Is truth any less truthful if it is given to us by a person named John, or Paul, or Christ? Therefore, consider that God is working in our world today just as He did thousands of years ago.

Each of us has a choice, it’s always the same choice. To go to the Spirit given to us by Christ, reflect, and then listen for what God is making known to each of us.

In God’s glory only.

Now for me, my calling by God is almost complete regarding my writings, I have only one more article to put into place as God has already made known to me, then it will be finished. My Ark will be complete. I know how difficult it is to read that I only have one more writing. It’s difficult for me to even type these words; I am afraid. I am afraid that my relationship with God will dry up. I have always followed what God says to do, even if it is not comfortable. Maybe God has something else planned, maybe another step, maybe nothing, I do not know.

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  1. Bob, I enjoy your writing you open my eyes to something of God in everyone. Thank you for doing what you do. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to be your brother in Christ.

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