bobThank you for visiting my site.

I have been writing for several years and I enjoy writing about Christian related topics. I began to write in 2011, and at that time, it was more of an experiment and development of writing skills. In August of 2017,  I decided to post my articles more formally on WordPress.

When I started writing in 2011, it was a passion placed in me by God; however, I thought after a few articles that I would run out of subject matter and lose interest. But that has not occurred yet! I’ve come to realize that God is not going to let me off the hook so easily. I will do this until such time as God says I am finished.

It is my hope that my writing helps people in their faith journey. As Christians we are called to serve. Whether it be to serve the poor, or hungry, or young adults. We all have ways to serve the Lord. My service is to help, through writing, my brothers in sisters in Christ on their faith journey by providing spiritual renewal and hope.

If you’d like to know when I post a new article, I invite you to go to the very bottom of this page and provide your Email address.

Thank you for visiting.

In service to God,


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