Actions of Jesus

Jesus brings forth a new message The Bible contains many messages from Jesus that are conveyed through His spoken words, and much of our time is dedicated to discerning these words for the purpose of increasing our faith. And as we know, Jesus' words in the Bible are filled with wisdom. So let us be thankful... Continue Reading →

Our Purpose in Life

Purpose (Part I of II) May 21, 2018 I was preparing another article at my desk and I heard that familiar “bing” tone from my phone notifying me of activity on my Facebook page. So I looked and I noticed how many people are responding to the articles. I know how blessed I am to... Continue Reading →

In the beginning…

The Creation of the Universe April 28, 2018 My wife, Jean, said the other day that she just believes in God. And many of us are the same way, we just simply believe in Jesus Christ. However, this very statement brings a question to the forefront. Jesus calls us to trust in Him completely. We... Continue Reading →


Let there be light. April 3, 2018 As humans, we naturally take things for granted. And isn't it interesting that we seem to appreciate something more only when we no longer have it. Consider the smile of a loved one who is no longer with us. After they are gone, we miss seeing their smiling... Continue Reading →

Christ the Teacher

Christ mission as a Teacher. March 21, 2018 As Christians, we believe the primary reason Jesus came to Earth was to die on the cross for our sins. Jesus took the penalty of sin (spiritual death) from us so that we may have a pathway back to the presence of God (spiritual life). But there... Continue Reading →

Trust in God

A short poem about trusting in God One who struggles with a teacher Soon becomes more wise. A fool without a teacher Only their knowledge they rely. With God as our teacher He counsels us on our way. But one who struggles with the world Soon withers and falls away. Slaves of Egypt cried out... Continue Reading →


Understanding the true-meaning of tithing. The Old and New Testament discuss tithing. Tithing is a simple concept; we are to give a tenth of our earnings to God. We are to return to God a portion of what He has given to us. However, even though tithing is simple to understand, many Christians struggle with... Continue Reading →

God and Science

Keeping the Creator and science in proper order and perspective. It’s not unusual for science to be used as a tool to discredit the existence of God. There is a growing movement in our society that we no longer need God because we now have science to explain our environment. As we humans develop more... Continue Reading →

God’s Relationship

What does it mean to have a relationship with God? The Bible has a common theme which is that God is a highly relational God. God encourages us to be in a perfect relationship with each other, with Him, with His son, and with all of His creations. Jesus also states that it is not… Continue Reading →

Where is God?

We exist in a world filled with tragedy; where is God? One of the many things Christians struggle with in our faith journey is explaining the “Why” as it relates to tragedy in our world. When tragedy occurs, whether a personal tragedy or a global event, the inevitable question is asked: “Why did God allow... Continue Reading →

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