God and Science

Keeping the Creator and science in proper order and perspective. It’s not unusual for science to be used as a tool to discredit the existence of God. There is a growing movement in our society that we no longer need God because we now have science to explain our environment. As we humans develop more... Continue Reading →

God’s Relationship

What does it mean to have a relationship with God? The Bible has a common theme which is that God is a highly relational God. God encourages us to be in a perfect relationship with each other, with Him, with His son, and with all of His creations. Jesus also states that it is not… Continue Reading →

Where is God?

We exist in a world filled with tragedy; where is God? One of the many things Christians struggle with in our faith journey is explaining the “Why” as it relates to tragedy in our world. When tragedy occurs, whether a personal tragedy or a global event, the inevitable question is asked: “Why did God allow... Continue Reading →

God is Love

Discover the true meaning of Love and its origin September 23, 2017 Have you ever wondered when the first person experienced love, or how love came into existence? Maybe the early monkeys (or is it apes?) that we supposedly evolved from began to love one another. Or love surfaced after the apes evolved into the... Continue Reading →

Understanding Evil

Understanding evil and its influence on our faith journey. As part of our faith journey, we think of God and all His goodness, we think of His infinite love, grace, mercy, peace, and creation. Our faith journey calls us to learn about God through the teachings of Jesus Christ. We find encouragement through Christ's promise... Continue Reading →

Good and Faithful Servant

A tribute to my brother-in-law, Larry Mills August 25 , 2017 This article is dedicated in remembrance of my brother-in-law, my enthusiastic Brother in Christ, Larry Mills. I also dedicate this article in honor of his wife, Brenda, of 48 years; forever beside Larry, dedicated to Larry, a strong and steady person. Larry and Brenda: ”...for better, for... Continue Reading →

Parable of the Lost Son

A parable of two sons; of two choices Jesus tells a story, “The Parable of the Lost Son”. It is a story of a father, and his relationship with his two sons, one son that needs forgiving, and another son who displays a sense of pride. The obvious point of this story is the topic... Continue Reading →

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